West Houston studio specializing in realistic classical oil painting
Jeanette Powell (aka LilJean) is a classical oil painter with studios
in West Houston and The Silos on Sawyer in the Texas Art
District. Her "classical whimsy" is realism with a twist.

    "Horticulture was my major in college. Design courses sparked my
    interest in the arts. I then married into a family of artists--my true
    artistic journey began. For the last fourteen years I have been in the
    studios of phenomenal artists in Houston as well as across the U.S.

    The one important thing I have learned is that art is the most mindful
    experience anyone can have. To get lost in the light and shadow of a
    person, landscape, or object is a true gift—a gift I never take for

    My painting style is classical realism. Narrative paintings are my
    favorites. I choose my color palette to capture the image with a
    sensitivity to the underlying story behind the subjects."

    - Jeanette Powell  / Lil'Jean
LilJean (Jeanette Powell) with her pet cockatiel Sparkle
Photo of Houston artist LilJean (Jeanette Powell)
LilJean (Jeanette Powell) and Giraffe at the Houston Zoo
Original Oil Painting, Alligator in Waterlillies, gator, animal art, oil on canvas